Go Screen-Free!

Campaign for a
Commercial Free Childhood

May 5-11, 2014

The Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood organizes an annual "Screen-Free Week."
"Screen-Free Week...is an annual celebration where children, families, schools and communities turn off screens and turn on life. Instead of relying on screens for entertainment, participants read, daydream, explore, enjoy nature, and enjoy spending time with family and friends. 

Screen-Free Week isn't just about snubbing screens for seven days; it's a springboard for important lifestyle changes that will improve well-being and quality of life all year round."
The Screen-Free Week web site explains additional benefits to turning the screens off.
Time with screens is linked to poor school performance, childhood obesity, and attention problems. And it is primarily through screens that children are exposed to harmful marketing.
Join the cause and go Screen-Free!

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