About Me

At age 40-something, I have finally realized that for me to be happy, I must write. I'm also passionate about understanding and sharing the effect of the media on kids. And that's where this blog comes in.

I'm a mom of two school-aged kids. Also under my belt: graduate studies in Psychology and Human-Computer Interaction, career in corporate communications, and public school volunteer (in the technology classroom).

My goals for this blog are to inform parents about Internet safety and digital citizenship issues, to share ways that parents can manage their kids' "media diets," and also to highlight the positive ways in which technology can make our families stronger. Ergonomics as it relates to devices and home offices is also a key issue.

I hope that my trials, errors and some successes as a parent, and the research that I find, will help inform other parents as they guide their children as only they know how.

Questions or article ideas for me? Email parenttechorg at gmail.com.

- J.