Tuesday, December 11, 2012

SmartPhone Apps Are Watching

Image: George Retseck
Source: Scientific American
Here is a FoxNews.com / AP article regarding smart phone apps. It appears their makers may be in hot water with the FTC for quietly gathering information about kids and sharing the information with "advertisers and data brokers." Remember "Big Brother is Watching You?" Well, now Big Brother is likely watching your kids, too.

A few quotes from the article:
Of the 400 apps designed for kids examined by the FTC, most failed to inform parents about the types of data the app could gather and who could access it, the report said. Others apps contained advertising that most parents would find objectionable and included links to Facebook, Twitter and other social media services where kids post information about themselves.

The report said some mobile apps can siphon data to "invisible and unknown" third parties that could be used to develop a detailed profile of a child without a parent's knowledge or consent.

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