Sunday, December 9, 2012

Miss Representation - Screened at Last

Gina Davis,
a Miss Representation contributor
Miss Representation, the documentary that explores sexism in the media, aired on television today. I recorded it and just finished watching it for the first time.

I was impressed, and highly recommend this film. It's thorough, examining the media's modern day omnipresence and power, and highlighting the numbers behind gender imbalances in the media. And it's compelling, sharing interviews with politicians, media executives, thought leaders, students and more.

The media - via television, movies, music videos, and video games - overwhelmingly objectifies women as sex objects and targets of violence rather than capable leaders and productive members of society. It's not just hurting women and girls, but also hurting men and boys.

The ending of the film offered words of advice on how fight back, including boycotting sexist movies and being mindful of how you criticize yourself in the presence of your daughters. One of the pieces of advice came form Jim Steyer, CEO of Common Sense Media.

Speaking your mind and criticizing media companies when you think they’re doing something that is inappropriate for your children is not just your god-given right as an American and as a parent but it’s also entirely consistent with the First Amendment.
Watch the film. And don't forget those words.

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