Friday, September 14, 2012

Another Blunder on Facebook?

Here's another example of how the careless use of Facebook can get you into trouble. A high school teacher in Gaston, North Carolina posted a student's homework on her Facebook page, visible to her own inner circle of Facebook friends. The student's work was reportedly filled with grammatical errors and typos. One of the teacher's comments on the post was: "See what I go through every day."

It's not clear why she felt the need to post the homework, but my assumption is that the teacher was looking for some attention and sympathy from her Facebook friends. But apparently some of the friends weren't as close to her as she would have liked, and they complained to the local newspaper and school officials. The teacher has been suspended pending an investigation.

Just like the news reports of students harassing teachers via Facebook and other social media communities, teachers make poor judgment calls as well, sharing private information (a student's homework) where information should clearly not be shared. I couldn't tell from the article whether or not the student's name was mentioned, and that might make a big difference in the school's investigation.

I don't have much to add here... But it reminds me of the old adage: think before you speak. It's just so clear from news report after news report that it is so important to think before you post.