Thursday, August 2, 2012

More About Channel One

Campaign for a
Commercial-Free Childhood
Coincidentally, I received this email message about Channel One just a few hours after I published my post about the company.

Campaign for a Commercial Free Childhood has got the company in its cross hairs, and is rallying concerned citizens to urge their state's departments of education to investigate Channel One's practices. CCFC says:
And now, in a desperate attempt to make up for lost revenue, Channel One is escalating its daily commercial assault by advertising inappropriate and disreputable websites to students and  turning entire broadcasts into ads.
The organization says that Channel One shouldn't be allowed in schools because:

* It’s waste of students’ time and taxpayers’ money.
* Channel One violates its contract with schools by exceeding the agreed-upon limit on commercial content. 
* Channel One promotes websites that are inappropriate for children and teens.

To take action, contact your state's department of education and let them know that captive video advertising in the public schools is inappropriate. Just find your state on the page and click the link. CCFC has an email template form that's easy to use and send. I did so for my home state.

For further information about Channel One's marketing practices to school age kids, check out

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  1. A recent article (8/6/12) about the pressure in in Alabama to get rid of Channel One: