Tuesday, May 15, 2012

School Newsletter: Please Limit Screen Time

Yesterday our elementary school newsletter came home in my children's folders. I was pleased to see a small paragraph suggesting parents limit screen time this spring and summer. Part of the paragraph says:
Screen time is not just TV. It includes watching DVDs, playing video games, browsing the Internet, or otherwise playing on the computer. All that time in front of a screen crowds out time for regular physical activity, and experts say that children should get at least 60 or more minutes of activity every day.
I recently approached the principal about sending home information about Screen-Free Week to all students. Admittedly, I was too late to get anything organized, and we agreed that we would review the subject next year. I don't know if talking to him inspired the article in the newsletter, but it gave me an idea.

If you're interested in encouraging parents to limit screen time for kids, talk to your principal, parent-teacher organization (PTO) leaders, or teacher about sharing information in the school newsletter, on the school web site, or other in publications. I'll even write the paragraph(s) for you - just email me at parenttechorg at gmail.com! Talking with school leaders about encouraging screen time management in the home is a fairly easy thing to do, and it may motivate some parents in your community to decrease family screen time and increase their kids' physical activity and imaginative play.

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