Monday, April 30, 2012

Seven Arts and Music Apps for Kids

Doodle Buddy by
Pinger, Inc.
Here is a list of arts and music apps for kids that may inspire creativity at home, as shared with me by a private school in Knoxville, Tennessee.

As always, I recommend sharing the experience with your little ones and setting screen-time limits. These apps may be fun, but there is still no substitute for imaginary play!

1. Glow Coloring by MobiTech 3000 LLC
2. Learn to Draw Digital Sketchbook by Walter Foster
3. Doodle Buddy by Pinger, Inc.
4. Painting with Time by Red Hill Studios

5. Virtuoso Piano Free by Peter Nagy
6. Garage Band by Apple


7. iMovie by Apple

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  1. There is an app/book called Kasey's Music Jams for Kids on the itunes store. It is a book or young beginners 4 and up designed to help teach them to play along with music. It is made up of 17 songs with vibrant illustrations and quirky song lyrics.
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