Saturday, April 28, 2012

Nine Animal and Social Studies Apps for Kids

National Geographic Kids app
by National Geographic Society
Continuing with my posts that share educational apps for kids, here is a list of apps that help little ones learn about animal studies and social studies. My girls would especially love the animal apps! In fact, listing all of these apps all week have made me want to buy an iPad!

In my search, I did see that some of these apps are available for Droid phones, and the National Geographic Kids web site is pretty interactive, too. So these ideas might be helpful for those of us without iPads and iPhones too!
  1. ZooZooSafari by Zoo Zoo Interactive
  2. Animal Sounds by Innovative Mobile Apps
  3. National Geographic Kids by National Geographic Society
  4. History: Maps of World by Seung-Bin Cho
  5. Shake the States by Third Chicken Incorporated
  6. Stack the States by Dan Russell-Pinson
  7. Stack the Countries by Dan Russell-Pinson
  8. Today in History by Down-Shift Inc.
  9. Animals Sounds HD by Sifusan
By the way, has a lot of great information about marine animals, too!

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