Monday, April 9, 2012

Making It Official: Family Online Safety Contracts

Only 3 in 10 children
have rules about
media use
If you've found my blog, there's a good chance that you're interested in family online safety and technology issues. You may already have a clear idea of how you want to manage your family's media and technology habits. Or maybe you want to make changes and take more responsibility for technology use in the home, but could use a little guidance as you get started.

I've found a few reputable sites that have downloadable contracts and activities to facilitate a healthy understanding of roles and responsibilities for family technology use. Only three in 10 children have "rules about media use,"* so reviewing, discussing and signing an agreement may be just what your family needs to understand how everyone can practice online safety and responsible media intake in the home. At very least, the content of these contracts can inspire conversation with your spouse, shared guardian, or your kids, sparking healthy changes.

Check out these contracts, agreements and other documents, and find one that suits your family. (These are all links to PDF documents.)

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