Wednesday, April 25, 2012

20 Science Apps for Kids

Leafsnap Screen Shot by
Columbia U., U. of MD, and
Smithsonian Institution

Yesterday I shared 20 apps that help kids with reading, phonics, and other language arts. Today, I'll include 20 science apps for kids! The apps were recommended to parents by a private school in Knoxville, Tennessee. I can't say I've tried any of them yet, except I do have Google Earth on my Droid phone, and it's very cool!

The links shared below go to the iTunes web site for information and download. If you don't have an iPad or iPhone (like me), try running a search to see if these products have a version for different systems and gadgets, or even if they can be used through a traditional web browser.

For reviews and parent comments regarding popular apps, see Common Sense Media.

Enjoy sharing science with your kids!
  1. SimplePhysics by Andrew Garrison *
  2. Clean Energy Hawaii HD by NSC Partners LLC
  3. How it Works by Imagine Publishing
  4. Science Fun To Go by SachManya LLC
  5. Murky Reef by Frolyc
  6. Bobo Explores Light by Game Collage, LLC
  7. CompassApp by Greenality Limited
  8. Star Walk by Vito Technology Inc.
  9. The Magic School Bus: Oceans by Scholastic Inc.
  10. LeafSnap by Columbia University, University of Maryland and Smithsonian Institution
  11. NASA App by NASA Ames Research Center
  12. Science 360 by National Science Foundation
  13. Periodic Table of the Elements by Kevin Neelands
  14. The Elementals by The Angry Robot Zombie Factory
  15. GoSkyWatch Planetarium by GoSoftWorks
  16. 3D Brain by Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory
  17. Molecules by Sunset Lake Software
  18. Vernier Video Physics by Vernier Software and Technology
  19. TED by TED Conferences *
  20. Google Earth by Google 

* Rated for ages nine and up

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