Thursday, April 26, 2012

17 Math Apps for Kids

Numbers and Numbers Words
Matching Game by
Good Neighbor Press, Inc.
Continuing with my posts this weeks about apps for kids, here is a list of recommended math apps. These were all recommended by the private school in Knoxville, Tennessee that I referenced before. Some of these look so fun. Hopefully these apps will help your little ones grow their interest and confidence in math!

Although these links lead to the iTunes site for download to an iPad or iPhone, some of them come in other formats. Try searching for the app and manufacturer name to get their web sites.

And if you'd like more information about a certain app before you download and/or purchase (some of these are free), don't forget the app reviews by Common Sense Media.

  1. Snowman Math (Santa's Christmas Village) by EnsenaSoft
  2. Adventures Undersea Math by Brain Counts
  3. Memory Train by Piikea St. LLC
  4. Coin Math by Recession Apps
  5. 10 Frame Fill by Classroom Focused Software
  6. Approach to Montessori Math by Rantek Inc.
  7. Everyday Math, a suite of apps, by McGraw-Hill School Education Group
  8. Rocket Math by Dan Russell-Pinson
  9. Math Puppy by Kids Games Club
  10. Motion Math Zoom by Motion Math
  11. Quick Graph by Colombiamug
  12. Math Drills Lite by Instant Interactive
  13. Convert Units for Free HD by Free the Apps!
  14. Numbers and Numbers Words Matching Game by Good Neighbor Press, Inc.
  15. Painting with Time by Red Hill Studios
  16. Monkey Time by Brian West
  17. Moofy Recognizing Patterns Games by Playsmart-Kids

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