Monday, March 19, 2012

Spring Break Challenge: Go Unplugged

I'd like to start an annual challenge for families: go unplugged for Spring Break.

I recently went unplugged for almost a day. We took the kids to a Aquatica, a wonderful (and very clean) water park in Orlando, Florida. And unless we wanted to risk death to our phones by rushing water, my husband and I had to put them away completely. We were having fun, and it was surprisingly easy to forget about our phones and laptops for several hours. I didn't wonder about the news or emails that I was missing. Dare I say it was kind of freeing.

As this blog is new, I don't expect this challenge to gain much traction. However, I'd like to revisit the idea each year in the spring. There will probably have to be "fair game" exceptions attached to the challenge, since a phone or email may be necessary at times during the unplugged week.

The point of the challenge is to spend a week as a family without the distractions of email, computer games, searching for instant news. To spend time connecting, talking, having fun. Even if it is for a few days instead of a week, I'd like to know what parents think of the experience. Was it worth it? Enjoyable? A wonderful experience? Or something just too difficult and trying...and unnecessary?

My kids' Spring Break is the second week in April. I'm going to try to go unplugged for a long period of time. I will have to have some exceptions, since I have a job that will require a certain number of hours that week. And I hope to contribute to this blog a little bit. I'll think about these 'exceptions to the rule' based on my obligations, and write again.

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