Thursday, March 15, 2012

Khan Academy: Free Tutorial Videos

Here is a cool site that has the world talking about a revolution in our educational systems: Khan Academy.

I was just introduced to the site through a segment on CBS's 60 Minutes news program. Founded by Sal Khan, the non-profit organization offers a "free online tutoring site...with its educational how-to videos." The vision of the program, supported by big names like Bill Gates and Google, is to go global with free education.

I haven't tried Khan Academy yet, but I'm definitely interested. My daughter is starting to struggle with new math concepts, and rather than rely on my memory of how it was taught to me in elementary school, I have a tool to help her.
This concept could be liberating for children that don't have access to quality education, or that need additional help. If you're interested in the future of our educational system, this is a worthwhile segment to watch.

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