Monday, March 5, 2012

Internet Safety Starts With Parents, Teachers

One main goal for this blog is to encourage parents and educators to incorporate lessons on Internet safety and digital citizenship. Ideally this should happen when children are first exposed to the technology that will eventually become part of their everyday lives. From doing research for school projects to social networking with friends, it is important to take an active involvement in what your kids are doing online.

An acquaintance of mine wrote a book on Internet safety in 2006, Click Click, Who’s Really There? When I was introduced to the book, my girls were yet babies and when I didn’t think much about the issue. Now I’m very interested in the subject, and I’ve been recently reminded of one of the description phrases used to describe her book: 
At a click of a mouse, your child has access to the world. At a click of a mouse, the world has access to your child.
As parents, we can directly teach Internet safety to our children, and we can also encourage our kids’ teachers and school administrators to help. There are several free online resources – including videos, downloads, workshops and presentations – for parents and teachers, including the ones listed below. Please check them out. Find out if there are programs in place to teach Internet safety in your school. If there are none, please make an effort to get a program started. Let’s make it a mission to actively protect our kids. 

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